Helicopter strategy around AI? – Part1

by admin

AI just like #NFT is so easy to demonize because hardly anyone in the masses understands it in depth.
It’s not just about the fancy texts or the beautiful pictures, just as little as the gigantic profit of a single “bored monkey”.

I’m leaving out all the industrial #AI applications, because I think this is where other #experts should speak.
I prefer to make it understandable and comprehensible in my field with very small things.
But what is currently happening with AI and the ever more public discussion about it is this #helicopter strategy of #corporations, #publishing houses and also the few #super-rich.

You make a lot of wind, stir up a lot of dust and if possible in the eyes of the readers and the creatives and when they can see clearly again, you are gone.
Mostly with their #ideas and/or their #money!

Yes, it threatens many #professions, areas and entire #industries. But that’s perfectly normal in evolution and it amazes me that we as humans so often just whine about what’s going away rather than seeing the opportunities in the new things that are opening up for us.

Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid.
Courage means you don’t let fear stop you

For a little over a year now, I’ve been exploring the possibilities of #AI (#KI) and experimenting with a wide variety of systems. From Disco #Diffusion to #Stable #Diffusion, #Midjourney and #Firefly.
I’ve been using it to develop NFTs and one of them is now on display at the #NFTNYC showcase starting April 4th, 2023.
But thanks to AI I was able to create whole NFT collections and had the chance to acquire the skills to buy #NFT without cryptocurrency but simply with #Visa or #Mastercard by collaborating with #NMKR. All this without putting his works on #Marketplaces but directly from his own website to offer them for sale. Similar to an own #onlineshop – which I recommend to all owners of own products since decades (yes, the permanent fight against the windmills).

Film productions/studios (TV stations less, because they are foreseeably very transient) and just #filmmakers as well as #producers worldwide, as an example from my world:

It is finally possible with a very manageable effort to present and pitch visual content for an idea/story without first making high upfront investments.
This intelligently applied, makes it possible for independent filmmakers* to pitch their ideas and find #funding/partners.

End part 1

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